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About Us:

Our ability to work with you using a mature and responsible approach in a flexible and dynamic way has been one of the main contributors to our success.

Australian Investments/Accounting provides accounting, tax and business management advice.

Being an accountancy firm working in close knit communities, we understand the complex dynamics that exist between individuals, businesses and their community.

We manage the financial affairs of both individuals and small to medium businesses, ideally teaching our clients as we go to ensure every financial burden becomes lighter.

In contrast to many accounting firms, we aim to tailor our accounting and financial systems to each client's unique character and requirements.

Above all we are Here to Help.


*Our Services

 Australian Investments/ Accounting offers a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses. These range from accounting and taxation to financial planning and business development.

We are also committed to training our clients wherever appropriate to handle their day-to-day matters correctly and effectively by offering training sessions in areas such as filing and bookkeeping. This results in our clients maintaining control over their financial destiny.

However, no matter which of our services interests you, we guarantee to convey information in plain English, provide personalised service and offer fabulous value.


*Services for Individuals

Services provided by Australian Investments /Accounting include:

*Services for Business

Having worked with many small businesses we have come to the conclusion the best thing we can do for our business clients is to either get them to a point where contact with us is at a minimum.

We try to add value to our clients wherever possible and our business health checklist is just one of the ways we do this.

This takes time, and is based on the philosophy that by working with the owner of a business we establish the business goals and help reach those goals.

Services provided by Australian Investements/ Accounting include:

*Mission Statement

We aim to work in partnership with clients holding similar values to guarantee their financial security.

Our objective is to uphold high levels of customer service, focus on our clients interest, build trust, help meet your financial goals and whereas possible surpass it.

We are committed as a firm to being honest, reliable and maintaining professionalism at all times.


Contact Us

Australian Investments / Accounting

Burwood office: Lvl 1 / 101 Burwood Road Burwood (next to Bing Lee)

Post PO Box 613 Burwood NSW 2134 Australia


Phone (02) 97445834 / (02) 97443443|

Fax (02) 97475359


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