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Services for individuals

We have a range of services, tools and information to help you with your:

Tax returns

Our business is structured to make your tax returns as pain free and cost effective as possible and we strive to obtain your maximum refund. We provide for example:
*Phone interviews for your convenience.You only need to send us your Payment Summary ( Group Certificate ) by post,email or fax with your phone number and we shall contact you immediately and do your tax over the phone or internet.
*Online help with regular updates to hot issues that may effect you.

Individual Tax Returns

Income and Deductions Almost everyone who earns income must lodge a form with the Australian Tax Office, to work out what tax must be paid or refunded - this is known as a Tax Return.
Very simply the concept of taxable income is based on: Income less Expenses = Taxable Income
Income: what you received or earned in the year
Expenses: what it cost you to receive the income
Your taxable income is then multiplied by your tax rate (which will vary according to how large the total is) to give your tax payable.
It is our job to ensure that the tax payable is minimised where ever possible or your tax refund is maximised totally to what your legally entitled to.
Tax minimisation is quite legal and differs from Tax Evasion which is where a deliberate effort is made to ensure that legally required tax is not paid.

Phone Interviews

What do I do? Hassle Free - Individual Tax

  1. Post, email or fax us your payment summary ( Group Certificate).

  2. We will phone you and go through your tax return step by step.

  3. We then will print the tax return and then email it or post it to you for signing.

  4. Please sign your tax return and return back with payment ( we also deduct payment from refund).

  5. We lodge the tax return Elecronically and you will receive your refund in 10 days.

  6. Bank your cheque or pay the ATO once the Assessment is made by the ATO

  7. It is that simple.


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